Self Defense Classes In Philadelphia That Work

selfdefensegunWhat’s the best self defense training today?

The answer to this question is searched for thousands of times per month with many never getting the answer they are seeking. The best self defense training system is the one that fits you best.

First it is important to distinguish self defense from martial arts. Many people feel the term is synonymous but I do not hold that view.

Martial Arts are forms of training to fight for sports competition or real life. They also incorporate forms, kata or patterns of techniques in combinations that can be used to develop the practitioners own interpretation of the style or lineage of the specific type of martial art they are learning.

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In my opinion Self Defense is the act of defending ones self by any means necessary without the desire to fight to see who has superior skills or techniques or win a confrontation. The priority in self defense is self preservation and escape to ones family and loved ones.

There are many forms of self defense and not all self defense is created equal. At Elite Self Defense we build our foundational training n the concepts and curriculum of The Self Defense Company with some custom training and techniques we believe can effectively work synonymously around the foundation that the Self Defense Company has laid out in its 12 Module and elective training program. The Self Defense Company Training Program has proven to be so effective that it is endorsed by the United States Department Of Defense. We currently teach he Self Defense Company Training System in the Personal Protection Academy of Pennsylvania located in Folsom Pennsylvania and throughout the Pa, NY and Delaware areas through seminars and private lessons.

If you are looking for a real world self defense system without having to wear uniforms, sparring or learning fancy moves that look pretty but have virtually no real world application then you owe it to yourself to stop by and sign up for one of our FREE self defense classes in Delaware county Philadelphia.