What Makes Us Different?

The primary difference between what we teach at Elite Self Defense and other Self Defense Systems and Martial Arts system is that we do not teach specific defenses for specific attacks. We teach a number of gross motor skills that can be used to effectively defend and counterattack a variety of attacks. Here is why. Depending on your physical fitness level,your heart typically beats at 60-80 beats per minute. This is known as a resting heart rate and everything in your sympathetic nervous system is performing normally. But when frightened to 115 beats per minute, your fine motor skills deteriorate.

The ability to put a key in a car door or even tie your shoes becomes difficult. Interestingly enough this 115 until 145 beats per minute is the optimal survival and performance level for complex motor skills, visual reaction time and cognitive thinking. Complex motor skills are multi-muscle involved movements as found in all martial arts. Reverse punch, front kick, wrist lock arm bar, hip throw etc. This is the target heart rate of most professional athletes and fighters. They are able to stay at this rate because they know no one is trying to kill them. If you are able to train your body to respond appropriately to fear indusced stress under competitive conditions you will be able to better survive during battle.

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At 145 beats per minute, your complex motor skills immediately begin to deteriorate. At 175 you can’t think straight, you lose peripheral vision, your hearing excludes everything not in that tunnel vision, and vasoconstriction sets in as a natural way to reduce bleeding from any wounds you’re about to suffer. Finally, above 175 is where irrational fight or flight sets in, as well as natural submissive behavior., combat freezing and the emptying of your bladder and bowels.

At this point the ONLY movement you have left is gross motor skills- running, charging and the wide arcking of your limbs. This exactly where the Self Defense Training System operates- at the gross motor movement level and therefore it can still be performed perfectly and effectively under any level of fear induced stress from an attack.

The bottom line is you can be frightened for your verylife, faced with a gun, being held at knifepoint or being attacked by someone bigger,stronger and meaner than you and you will still be able to save your life using if you have a proven plan that involved the use of your gross motor skills. This is what the elite self defense method can provide you.

No belts, No uniforms,No sparring No complicated moves to remember and no iron man fitness level necessary to develop your own set of simple skills that will give you the confidence to Fear no one and know that you can protect yourself and your family.