Self Defense Techniques That Work

Here are some real world results from students of The Self Defense Training System taught by Elite Self Defense“

“I must be ruthless and convulsive”
“I just came from class my adrenaline is still pumping. I was riding home saying what parish am I in? What street is nearby? What landmark is nearby? Am I alert? Alert to threat that is out there, the threat is real and I must be alert at all times. The classes teach me how to deal with that adrenaline dump that occurs when you are being attacked. My reactions must, I repeat MUST be convulsive, ruthless and all or nothing or I will be injured, assaulted, robbed or murdered. This class has been empowering, uplifting, encouraging and rewarding. The accredited instructor, Reuben is an excellent teacher. I look forward to continue to learn under his and The Self- Defense Company’s direction. my, many thanks for offering such a wonderful program
Love, Happiness, Peace,
~ Catherine B.

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” Great Class”
Great class tonight. It amazes me at how quickly the time passes. It feels good to be learning this stuff. I had a long day today and was feeling pretty tired
after work but felt re energized after the class. Adrenalin…? I look forward to next week. Thank you.
~ Carol

“IT Engineer Wins the Battle of the ‘Corporate’ Bulge”
“After 7 Years in the corporate world I found myself becoming very out of shape. I didn’t want to be like my coworkers, overweight and lethargic.
Despite exercising at the gym after work I was steadily gaining weight and I had a real problem maintaining a steady energy level. Since I started training in the
10 Lesson Self Defense Program I have lost 4 inches off my waste and my energy level is great- I feel like I’m 18 again!!! I look forward to everyday I can train,
I never felt that way going to the gym.”
~ Ian F.

“Mother of two lives up to her own expectations”
“Here I strive for inner strength and courage. Its here that brings me closer to living to my convictions. I train with amazing men and women that have become
part of me.”
~ Toni D.

“You’ll never get a better work out!”
“I have taken other courses in the past and none had the fun and supportive atmosphere that the 10 Lesson Self Defense Program has. The skills taught are practical and easy to use. From day one, you learn techniques that will save your life.
…And did I mention you’ll never get a better work out anywhere else?”
~ Joe S.

“Police Officer Puts training to work”
“The knowledge and experience I have gained from the 10 Lesson Self Defense Course is second to none and may in fact save my life or the life of a fellow officer.”
~ Brian W.

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“I finally stopped procrastinating”
“I have always wanted to start some kind of martial arts. After procrastinating for a few years, I decided to take the 10 Lesson Self Defense Course.
Of course I was tentative at first, would the pace be too fast, would I be looked down upon by the more experienced members? That couldn’t be farther from the
truth. Every one from the Instructor to the students made me feel welcome. I try to make it to every class I can. I will meet my training goals.”
~ Jason O.

“I got back into fighting shape!”
“After college, I gained 85 pounds. I was always a competitive athlete; you can imagine my frustration and depression after my failed attempts at the gym. Well,
I finally got off my butt and took the plunge. I have lost 45 pounds and I’m still loosing!!!! My workouts have purpose and they’re a blast. My training began as
a way to loose weight, now it’s a part of my life.”
~ Roger J.

Ready to walk with confidence without spending countless hours in training, without uniforms or belts, without trading punches 3 minutes at a time with some cocky 18 year old kid? Conveniently located less than 30 minutes from Philadelphia is the Personal Protection Academy of Pennsylvania.

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