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Discover real world self defense strategies you can use. Our foundational Self Defense Training System follows the Self Defense Company Training System. Our lead instructor is Owen Victor Brown III A SDC Certified Trainer/ Instructor.

owen brownOwen V. Brown III has been an avid student and practitioner of martial arts since the age of 8. He began his fascination with martial arts watching and then training with his father a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. In high school he discovered and began studying Kenpo Karate through American Karate Studios.


philly2Over the years he maintained his fascination with martial arts and entered a mix martial arts school in the early nineties before mixed martial arts was popular. The style was called “Free Flow Karate” founded by Karl Destolfo. The system included techniques from Tai Chi, Shotokan Karate, Grappling, kick boxing and boxing. He achieved the rank of 1st Degree Brown Belt prior to the schools closing. Shortly after, he studied and practiced with instructors from two separate styles of Tae Kwon Do, one traditional and the other Chin- Mu Kwan. In 2000 he fell in love with and made the transition to Chinese Martial Arts Studying Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, Yang and Sun Style Tai Chi in the Northern Shaolin Academy under the mentorship of Si Gung Norman Smith.


In early 2002 he won a gold medal for continuous sparring in the Wong Fei Hung All Kung Fu Championship and in the same year he won another Gold medal for continuous sparring in the Yin Yang Martial Arts Championship sponsored by Tim Daley.

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In 2013 he discovered “Combatives” and after reviewing countless systems he met Damian Ross and and qualified to enter into the instructor training program of The Self Defense Company. Currently he is studying, practicing and teaching combatives primarily founded in The Self Defense Company Training System throughout the Tri-State New Jersey, Pa and Delaware areas.

philly3Owen is the lead instructor of the Elite Self Defense Company and he is a true believer in the benefits of Martial Arts and the necessity for an organized effective and simple self-defense system. He believes that everyone who wants to have the confidence to know they can protect themselves and their families should the need arise. He further believes they should be able to learn how to do so affordably, quickly and with a minimum time investment to maintain what they learn.

Owen believes strongly that traditional martial arts has its place but there is a more pressing need for a real world self-defense system where those who are not interested in uniforms, belts or having to spend countless hours in the gym learning forms or sport combat can learn to protect themselves quickly. He has a passion for learning and teaching others proactive self-defense they can use in the real world.